Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Little Man 343.365

 We woke to a cold, crisp morning, with a blank slate for a little message scratched into the frost for the birthday boy.
Being Friday, no meat day, I knew the perfect meal for breakfast dinner... waffles! They are Jimmy's favorites. He prefers breakfast foods... waffles and eggs. We just went with the waffles. Everyone loves my Grandma's recipe, even the J.
We put a candle in his, and then all enjoyed our meal. That's mine with the butter, syrup and snow (sugar). He gets plain ones.
After dinner was done and all cleaned up, it was present time!!! He got a yellow rain coat (I wish it was shiny), a red sweater for Christmas time and disposable booties for when it rains... that he tried to chew off. Guess those weren't a big hit. Maybe he will change his mind next time he goes out in the cold rain.
The birthday boy (7 years old) looking oh, so handsome!
My boy!!
 The past seven years have been the best with this little guy in our lives. He was an only child, just like me. That wasn't normal for his momma. We bonded right from the very moment we met. It was love at first sight for sure.

17. Jimmy
18. Fridays with a weekend ahead
19. the joys of creating new things for your home
20. soaking up inspiration for a possible new hobby - quilting

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