Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy Tuesday! 347.365

I'm all excited about my new schedule for the day. My friend and I sat down, and she helped me come up with what seems to, so far, be a fabulous plan for me!
Today I had it all nicely planned out, to then end up having it messed up having to take Jimmy to the vet, which is one hour away... quite unexpected. 

We are also still trying to tie up a bit of loose ends with a big issue we had with some bridesmaids dresses for the wedding, and my Mom and Dad had to drive down here to work on it with me, which took hours. So my nicely planned out day, now had 3+ hours for Jimmy and his ordeal with the vet and then another few hours for the paperwork needed to be done in the afternoon.

Remarkably, I still got the majority of what needed to be accomplished and crossed off (my favorite part) my list for the day. Unfortunately I will be back to the doctor with Jimmy tomorrow, but the remaining things from today will spill over into tomorrow afternoon.
Do you like to doodle? I do. So each day I make my page a little work of art. As you can tell, it's not very artistic and it is rather simple, but I plan to get better with the creativity of the pages as I cross more off my days! 

33. a schedule, even when it gets diverted a little bit.

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