Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Different Kind of Running 348.365

Today my schedule has running listed. I did run... just a different kind. I'm running on less than three hours of sleep. And I was running Jimmy back to the doctor, errands and just plain old around the house with things needing to be crossed off my to do list. 

Today began my effort in gift wrapping. I had this perfect vision in my mind. Simplicity and Christmas with a little sparkle. I wanted a kind of home-made Christmas look. Along with my exhaustion comes a lack of creativity and drive, so I didn't end up with what I wanted and I am a bit let down. I think I need to have all my Christmas gifts bought and prepared to be wrapped by Dec. 1 in 2012 so I can have a nice presentation with them.... 

There was tissue paper, gift boxes, wrapping, ribbons, embellishments and gifts everywhere by the time I was done!

 Out of all of them, I am most disappointed in this one. I actually really like this present, but, I had this amazing picture of what it would look like in my mind. ha. Wishful thinking, Mary Anne!
If I have the time (not sure where I think extra time is coming my way with Christmas just about ten days away), I am going to fix the packages up a little bit... Some way, some how. I also want to make cookies, finish a few home made gifts, mail out some Christmas cards... along with all the other things needing to be done! 

Are you done with your Christmas shopping/wrapping? I am trying not to be flustered and to instead take this year with simplicity. Normally, I have dozens of cookie recipes I want to bake, but this year, I decided to pick one or two of my favorites (maybe my favorite and Mono's) and that is it. I have to remember that this season is not about the gifts, but about Christ's birth, the love between family and friends... Gifts are nice and show you care, but not the focus. I tried to go with a simple theme this year. Things that make me happy when I think of the person, but simple. For the most part... Some gifts I did because I knew people wanted certain things. Hopefully they will all turn out well.

And my Mono's birthday is coming up in just a few days and I haven't even prepared!!!! Yikes! I think I need to take an entire day to prepare for that. ;) I can't wait to celebrate. 

So, even though I didn't get my actual running in today, I think I made up for it. There's always tomorrow! Right? Just say, "yes." Please.

34. the opportunity to buy gifts for others... and to wrap them!
35. seeing Jimmy improve in little increments.
36. for parents (both sets) that care so much about our little J

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