Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Favorite Cookie 355.365

We leave tomorrow for our long family visit!!!!
 Lots to get done before our early departure, including baking dozens of these cookies.
I'm making homemade edible items for all of our family. Normally I bake batches upon batches of cookies, but this year, as to not overwhelm myself, I only baked one kind... my very favorite: Mexican Wedding Cakes
I am not sure how many I ended up making. I know there were a lot of them, multiple batches, but still not enough leftovers for me to snack on.
 It was so hard to make them and know there would be none for Mono and I. I do plan on making an entire batch for us when we came back home though!
I never took a final picture of these. I was focused on just getting them done, that I must have forgotten! The only difference is a little more powdered sugar on top!
 What's your favorite cookie?

56. our Christmas visit with family that finally arrives tomorrow!

57. my favorite cookies!

58. getting everything done

59. my favorite cookies! ;)

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  1. THESE WERE DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST COOKIES IN THE MORNING WITH MY COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you sooooo much for giving me some :-)