Friday, December 9, 2011

Deck the Halls Part 2

 I love Christmas ornaments and our house was seriously lacking them. And our dining room was seriously lacking decoration! I had a few ideas of how I wanted to make this decoration work in this room, but I knew I had to do it cheap.
Today while I was out picking something up at the store, I saw these colored glass ornaments, picked out a few colors and knew I had something I could put these in when I got home...for free. I remembered my over-sized glass punch bowl that I kept flowers in during pre-Christmas months, and knew that would be just the right thing since I wanted to keep our advent wreath on the table as well.
So I filled the punch bowl, re-arranged the advent wreath around the bowl and voila! all was nice in the dining room!
 I also had three little wreaths with small, red, glass berries... perfect to sit on top of my glass jars on the counter. I keep three small glass jars filled with some of my most common baking dry ingredients (sugar, brown sugar and regular flour -I have three types of flour in larger glass jars in my pantry.)
So there you have it! More Christmas decorations from our little house!

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