Saturday, December 17, 2011

Spring Has Sprung... In December 351.365

 I got a call yesterday from one of my Mom and my favorite little shops in town. They called to tell us they were going to be moving their shop (closer to our house - yikes!) and they were having big sales. That's all they needed to tell Mom and I to be there... a big sale! Mom drove down this morning to pick me up to do a little shopping. Here's a few of my finds....
Boxwood bushes. I love boxwood. It's my very favorite type of greenery. Hands down.
A really pretty mercury glass vase and a matching mini cake tray (cupcake size).
 Oh and these slender copper pots. You can't cook with them, or really liquids or meals in them, but boy do I have plans for them for the future! Nothing all that specific, but they will make for a great table setting! In fact, they will be used in tomorrow's dinner. I'm making a nice meal for Mono's birthday-eve.
 I adore these tri-color pots and their worn and loved look that they already have.
 The hand hammered details are like the cherry on top! Make that the sprinkles on top... I don't like maraschino cherries.
I couldn't help but put some of my purchases out, even though it is still the dead of winter. This is the first and only year that I've ever been antsy about all the Christmas decorations. I've been wanting a simplified look to our home (not too minimalist) and tons of decorations all over isn't helping the situation, though it looks very nice!

44. sweet mornings to shop with my Mom

45. great finds on sale

46. a husband that loves and appreciates my decorative touches to our home... even if he thinks I bought a dirty vase... aka. mercury glass!

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