Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

Here's some little things that come to me...

A chef and a baker.
The owner of a sweet little cupcake shop.
A figure-skater (no need to be pro, just good at it).
A painter (a real one).
A fashion designer… weddings maybe?!
A wedding planner.
A photographer (a real one).
A real blogger.
A writer, a creative one.
An interior decorator.
A runner.
A country singer.
In reality, I think when I grow up I will be a wife and a mom.
I will be a chef at dinner time and a baker when sweet treats and warm bread are wanted.
I may not own a cupcake shop, but I am sure I will be making enough cupcakes in my grown-up years to have a mini shop of my own (okay, not quite).
I won't be a jumping and spinning figure skater, but there will be plenty of trips to the ice rink with my kiddos!
The painter in me will definitely come out at craft time, and I have a little hunch that there will be many hours devoted to that!
A fashion designer for my little girls clothes.
A wedding planner for when they get married.
With my camera obsession, I am sure I will end up being my family's personal paparazzi!
If I have the time on my hands, I'd like to keep up blogging, even if it is just for some quiet time for myself (if that will ever happen!)
A writer, a creative one.... that might come out in story time or making up my own stories... or in the blogs I'd like to keep up with.
I'll certainly be an interior designer when I have my first home. I'll be sure to make it lovely and cozy!
I'd like to keep up with my running. I know I'll never be a real runner, but a few 5ks or even a 10k in my life would be nice. 
I can't sing for anything so this country singer business will be when I'm driving in the car or cleaning my house and I have the radio on. ;)

So I think that's what my life will be when I grow up. :) Sounds pretty fun, doesn't it?!

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