Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Behind on Things (31)

I've been so busy planning this wedding and getting a lot of other things done, that I am getting slightly behind on my room. I certainly haven't been slacking nor have I had much down time at all, but I must get on top of this before it becomes out of hand!

Making my bed has never been something I enjoyed. A lot of people like to jump into a crisp bed. I on the other hand, think it is a lot more cuddly when the blankets are curled up... something I should work on.
 Laundry... I don't mind folding the warm clothes, but it's the putting away that always seems to come with a little delay. I don't mind cleaning kitchens or bathrooms, doing the wash, but there are a few things that aren't high on my list of what I like to do... putting laundry away (ironing is worse!) is one of them.
 This spot on my desk tends to get a pile in this spot when I am behind on things. Its kinda like my to do list that came to life!
Are there any little tasks that you tend to get behind on when you are kept very busy with other things during your week?

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