Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Having A Little Craving For Palm Trees

We have the sun.
We have the warm days.
But we don't have the palm trees.
I have been enjoying these sunny, warm days, but still, something was missing.
I figured out today what exactly was missing.
These wonderful, graceful trees.

So yes, I am craving some palm tree sightings in my days lately.
 All of these photos are from my vacations to Key Biscayne, FL this summer. 
What wonderful memories.
 Palm trees have many styles of their own. There are short ones, tall ones, majestic ones, skinny ones... so many, but they are each beautiful in their own way.

 I love when they are full and tall.

Even their shadows are beautiful!

 I love these. :)
 They are beautiful during the day and at night.

 Can't you just hear the water flapping onto the sand and feel your hair blowing in the sunny, salty breeze? I can!

 I wish every road was lined with such beautiful, happy trees!
Everyone who lives in places, like Key Biscayne, where palm trees find their home, are so lucky. All trees are beautiful, but there is something so unique and special about these. :) I cannot wait to see these trees this summer!

This won't be a bad view either... Just a little glimpse of heaven! :)

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