Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Trip Across Time Zones to my IKEA Adventure

The other day I posted a nice, long, post about our day in Atlanta. 
Not only did it not post, but it didn't even save! I was beyond upset and I just don't have it in me to try and re-write all that I once had. For now, you'll get a few tidbits and you will see some not so great pictures. 
Welcome to the family! Hello free frozen yogurt cone!!!
I wanted to take this canvas of NYC home with me. Only problem... it was gigantic! This is just a portion of the picture.
Neither Mono nor I had ever been to IKEA before and we were on the hunt for a few items, low in cost, and I thought we'd give IKEA a whirl! 

I mentioned in a previous post that we had a project we were hoping to start working on real soon and after our visit to IKEA, we have successfully accomplished what we had in our plan for our little kitchen office. It's still slightly a work in progress, but it is nearly done. All we need is a few organizational things for the cube under the desk. It's streamlined and very simple. Nothing fancy about it. That's how we wanted it. 

After our big and tiring adventure in IKEA, we headed to another slice of Heaven, The Container Store. We picked up drawer organizers for our new desk and a pack of little things to hold our wires... whatever they are called.
After that, we stopped at Trader Joe's just to see if we could find any little yummy treasures, and did we ever. Nothing exotic, just a few tasty basics.... and a few goodies for the ride home.
Italians at heart.
Goodies for Mono.
This baby honeycrisp apple could not be passed up. Mono put a bag of them in the cart for me! They are sooo tiny and adorable. The apple it is next to is one that I had in the house, but it was on the smaller side itself, so you can't get a real clear idea how just how small my new apples are. Just a few bites and you are done!

I had only been to Atlanta a few times before this trip because before moving to my current home, I was a bit further away and it wouldn't make for as fun of a time. Now that we live close it will be fun to hop on over there a little more frequently. I must say, from what I saw today, I love that city! I have to now find out all the good go-to areas for dining and shopping!
So there you have it. A quick post on our adventure. No nice wording, not detailed, just a quick post because I want to be done with it and move on to happier stories after I lost the original nice version.

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