Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What will they think?

God lover.
Cupcake eater.
Purse addict.
Accessory lover.
Chick flick sap.
Martha follower.
Photo snapper.
Blog and magazine reader.
 Shopping lover.
Music listener.
Athletically disabled.
Soft and cuddly lover.

What will they think of me?
My twin boys, that is.

God lover.
Lego expert.
Redskins die hard.
All things basketball, football, sports.
Video game player.
Sleep in lover.
Computer pro.
Fabulous swimmer.
Batman fan.
Burger and fry eater.
Milkshake drinker.
Old cartoon watcher.

That's their Dad. I know what they will think of him.
They are going to look to him with complete love and admiration.
He is going to be such a great Dad, not only raising them well, but always being there for them to talk and listen, to play games, watch their favorite shows, go to their sporting events, teach them new things... the list is endless.
He will be wonderful with them and the mutual love will be unending.

What I do know is they will both be welcomed with many open arms in this loving family of ours. But between Mono and I, they will be born into a God-loving, high-moral, fun, creative, loving family.
I may not know a whole lot about boys. And I may have a past of shrieking and running faster than anyone thought I was capable of, from bugs, snakes and frogs, that little boys have brought me, but I do know, that I can take my loves and interests and turn them into a wonderful life for two little boys.
I have a lot to learn, turning my likes into little boys likes, but I am really looking forward to two little cuties running around this house! I can't wait for our little men to arrive! Not too much longer.

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