Tuesday, May 29, 2012

When I Was a Baby : Jimmy

I was born on December 9th and not long after my family came to meet me.
The lady that I lived with took really good care of me and told me that she knew the perfect family for me. I was an only child so I was really looking forward to going to live with a bigger family. When they walked in, they didn't know which dog they were going to pick, but the lady assured me, that I was the one they'd fall in love with. She thought it was a perfect match. It really was.
Mare held me first and she gave me tons of lovin's and kisses. And then Momma and Dad held me and I knew I loved them very much.
I wished they didn't have to leave without me, but they told me they'd be back in a few weeks and in the mean time I would be in good hands.
On February 22nd, Dad and Mare came back to pick me up. They brought me a nice cage in the car, soft blankets, my stuffed doggie, some toys and food and water. Everything I could possibly need, my family brought for me. It was a long ride home and I felt a little sick on our car ride, but I was a lot better when I arrived at my new home.
I was so excited to see Momma too! She wasn't able to come for the ride, but she was waiting at home with all of my things set up.
Mare said that the pictures from when I first came home are packed away, but maybe I can post again with those pictures. I would also like to post pictures of when I first met Mono.
He would come over to our house for barbecues and volleyball games with lots of people and I never liked anyone but him. I'd hide under tables so no one would touch me, unless it was Mono. I didn't really know him well, but I really, really liked him. I kinda had an instant connection with him. Maybe deep down, I knew that a few years later, we'd be the best of buddies when he married Marezy. 
I really love my family. They are so good to me and give me so much love and cuddles... and treats!
Speaking of treats, Momma and Dad are coming to visit later... that means lots and lots of treats! One of the good things about not living with them anymore is that when they see me, I get extra chewies from Momma and good boys from Dad. heheheheee.
Well guys, I'll be back to write soon, but I am going to go take my late morning nap for now.

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