Monday, May 21, 2012

Pregnancy Update

Excuse the tired look and blah hair styles. I really need to figure out what else I can do with my bangs!
I spent my 22 week mark in the hospital, but I was thrilled to still be making it to 22 weeks, especially after the whole Mother's Day fright.
This is my bump, just a few days over 22 weeks. I didn't think a picture in my hospital gown would be nice on the eyes.
Besides being on bed rest, I will give you my update on how I've been feeling with new things going on.

Heartburn, heartburn, heartburn!
Lots of movement going on with the boys.
One is more active than the other for sure, but you can feel both of them quite frequently.
Still no cravings.
Doing well with most food.
Vitamins stay settled in me.
Getting harder to move around and sit comfortably.
Still nameless.
Room is set up (not accessorized yet - that's the best part!) and ready to be painted!
Twenty three weeks today! Yayyy! The boys' room is also being painted today... not by me, but by my family! I can't wait to show you the progress.

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