Friday, May 11, 2012

Love Your Jeans!

I was standing facing the counter, with my envelopes and packages in hand, waiting my turn to mail them, when I heard, "Ohhh, I love your jeans! Where did you get them?"
To that, I turned my head around to see the face to match the voice who just asked me that question. In front of me was the most petite, polished little lady.
And then, that is when I smiled and fully turned my body around... exposing that those jeans she loved, were in fact, very much a pair of none other than maternity jeans.
I smiled as I said, "Well, they're maternity jeans from the Gap. They are very comfortable though!"

It was quite the amusing exchange for me.
Here this petite pretty lady was asking me, the ever-growing momma-to-be about my jeans!
I wanted to be asking her about her cute clothes!

That was the start of my day yesterday and it kept a smile on my face just thinking about how funny it was. The rest of the day following was great, but really busy, so this certainly helped. The littlest things keep me happy!

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