Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Blessing Others

Do you ever want to buy random gifts for people?
Friends, family, neighbors, co-workers (even your spouse's co-workers) or even people that you don't know all that well at all?
I do.
In fact, I'm going to let you in on something that would make me a very, very happy person.
I wish I could have an allowance for spending. Not for myself, but for others. Even if it was just ten dollars a month, just enough for a small gift to send out of the blue.
Whether it be a nail polish that is perfect for the latest season, something edible to make their tummy happy, a sweet dish towel for the home, an accessory for a cute outfit, maybe even a gift card to their favorite spot for an afternoon treat or evening appetizer and drink.
Doesn't that sound fabulous?!
I think it does!
Now if I could only get my hands on (at least) one hundred and twenty dollars, I could pull this off! Maybe when my next birthday or event that brings in a check or two rolls around, I can start this fund.
It makes my heart happy just thinking about being able to do this!

For today, I don't have a picture of a special random gift being sent out, but I can share this little number that's on it's way out to be mailed for a birthday... a little late. I love what is inside!!

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