Friday, April 27, 2012

Pregnancy Update

 We don't take those real pretty shots that people seem to take each week when they are pregnant. We should. I should make that my goal starting this coming week. Unfortunately, for the most part, this is what I look like. Hair in a messy bun, no makeup, just plain old me. Thankfully when Mami was visiting, she captured a few images of my growing belly!! What would I do without her?
 So, just a few little updates for you on what has been changing and happening.
Obviously my stomach is really starting to grow as you can see from the pictures. I am sure I still have a long way to go with it's size! ha.
 I'm horrible at remembering to put my stretch mark creams/oils on. I know I will regret it. I do try, and I do leave them on the counter, but my mind just passes right by them.

My morning sickness has pretty much said adieu and I am so thankful for that, but I have heart burn. Terribly sometimes. I shouldn't complain though since the real sickness has passed. I still get a few little bouts of queasiness, but nothing to pay much attention to.

I'm tired. Really tired. I thought in the second trimester I'd feel more energetic, but I haven't really found that to be true. Hopefully I will find out soon that it is true. 

I think I may be starting to feel flutters. They are kind of these twitchy and bubbly feelings, like a bubble is either popping or gliding in my stomach. Nothing too serious so I can't even say for sure.

Not quite a pregnancy update, but it still has to do with these babies... We thought we were set on names for the boys, but we are re-thinking a few things before our final decision. We still have time. I'm only about half way there. No rush in names.

My belly button has a new little shape to it. Thankfully it's not really poking out all the way yet, but it's starting to pucker at the top. haha.

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