Thursday, April 26, 2012

She was right!

I don't think I've shared this story with you before. If I have, please excuse me and blame it on my failing memory during pregnancy. 
Months before I was even married, a dear old friend of my family's, who has known me my entire life, told me that I would be having twins when I got married, soon after the wedding, and they would both be boys!
This sweet lady has had an amazing life, but she suffered a stroke a few years back and so sometimes she comes out with the craziest things. She cracks me all of us up!
So, to be honest, I kinda chalked it up to either older age or the fact that sometimes she is a little bit off. 
I thought, Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm having twins. Twin boys. Okay Dorothy. Yep.
But then I got pregnant, real soon after I got married...and found out they were twins... and then found out they were boys! And then... I got scared! haha. She was right!
But, do you know what scared me? Not quite so much that she was right, but the fact that she also said that I was going to have twins again next time! Girls that time.
I should clarify. Scared isn't the right word, because I would certainly welcome another set of twins in our life. Triplets may be pushing it, but twins with open arms!
So now I am so, very curious if she will be right again, or if this time around it will be a fluke...
It kind of makes me want these boys born and to be pregnant again already so I know!
Wouldn't you be curious?!
If another set of twins was coming!?

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