Saturday, April 21, 2012

Amusing Tales of a Pregnant Woman

Well, after this morning, I can officially say that my pregnancy brain is in full swing.
I woke up this morning around 8:05 and laid there for a moment, then realizing that Mono was still in bed, laying right next to me. I didn't know what time it was, but I could tell by how I felt, that it was after the time he should have set his alarm clock for to get to work. So I leaned over him to check the time... 8:06.
I then, shook him and said, "Mono, you have to wake up! Your alarm clock didn't go off!! You're late for work!" With that, he woke up, looked at me for a moment, then picked up his alarm clock, looked back at me and said, "Mmmmaaarreee. (In a tired voice) It is Saturday." And then I began hysterically laughing...and thankfully, so did he.
That has never happened to me before. I seriously thought he had to get up and get to work. It felt so nice to know that it was Saturday and we could just rest and not rush out of bed earlier than either of us like.
Being that we only have a few more months before the boys arrive, we have to enjoy our sleep while we can. I have a very hard time sleeping. I always have. In a way, it is good for me. It has prepared me for the sleepless nights with children. Once I am awake in the morning, that's it. I can nap during the day (but don't), but in the morning, once I wake up, I am up. I can lay there for a little bit, but then I get stir crazy. So this morning, I laid there for a little bit and then read for a little while, and then had to get up. I wish I could sleep a little later in the mornings, especially Saturdays. We need blackout curtains or something to help with the crazy light that seeps into our bedroom.
I knew my brain was in a fog since being pregnant, not sure if that is normal or not, but I have it. I do some really dumb things... like this morning. When my Mami was visiting last week I was in such a daze at one point, I was kind of walking around the kitchen not knowing what I was looking for. She even noticed I looked like I was in a complete daze. Crazy. I hope this goes away.

Another story for you. Yesterday I had a thought. I wanted to go on a simple and cheap date with Mono. I thought since it was Friday (meatless) we could go to Whole Foods for a slice of pizza. So he came home from work and off we went on our little date. And I loved it. Until I called Papi (Mono's Dad, who is a doctor) to talk to him about symptoms I was having. Sore throat, painful ear, messy nose... I thought it was just allergies until my throat came on. Also, while he was here visiting he saw that I had a white spot on my tonsil. So when I told him my new symptoms he wanted me to go right to a doctor, to make sure now it wasn't strep. 
Thank God it was not strep, though I may have wished for that over what I ended up with. I have a problem with my tonsils and they had to go back there a whole bunch of times with all sorts of things and I gagged and well, maybe a little more than that, but I will spare you details. There is an infection back there and tissue has built up to block where my ear joins (or whatever it is...) and that is why my ear has been so painful and bothersome. So now I have been put on medicine, which I really did not want to do being pregnant, but according to the doctor yesterday and Dr. Papi, this is a safer kind for me to take and not to worry. It's just a small dose too. So I am hoping that after I take this, I am done. Because if this doesn't get better, I'm in for it and it won't be pretty. Now I am just dealing with cold symptoms. Wishful thinking that it was just allergies. My nose is like a faucet. Hopefully it doesn't get too bad.

Today it looks really overcast... again. For the past few days it has looked like it could rain, or even pour, but not a single drop falls from the sky. I am hoping for rain today so I don't have to water all my plants. Plus, rain is always so much better than water from the hose. God's miracle gro is way better than any I can buy at the store!

Speaking of miracle gro...
I better not get any of this on me! Grows twice as big. People, do you see that? Twice! I can't afford to grow twice as big. I'm already going to be ginormous quite large!

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