Tuesday, November 16, 2010

There Is A Reason Why It Is Called A "Wish" List...

 It all started with the purse. Specifically, the Kelly Green Newbury Market Tote from Ralph Lauren. First of all, before I go any further, I want you to know I have a small bit (okay a large one) of an obsession with purses. I love, love, love them! 

Mono's first real gift to me (besides the Lite-Brite that I had wanted since I was a little girl. He surprised me one day and sent it to me in the mail before we lived in the same state!) was a purse... a Coach purse. He didn't even know of my obsession at that point. He was a keeper from that day on! ;) Just kidding. He was a keeper from way before that. No gift needed to tell me he was the guy for me! 

Unless the purse was a gift, I only have cheap bags...until two summers ago. I was in Destin, FL at Dooney and Bourke with my Mom and her best friend (who shares the purse obsession with me! I love you, Leslie!!) and we went to their outlet store and I bought myself a beautiful bag from there that was an amazing steal! And I mean ahh-mazing

So now, back to the real topic of this entry. I was flipping through my Real Simple magazine (latest issue) and came upon a beauty. It was love at first sight...for me anyway. Not sure how the purse felt. Though I do believe that it would surely enjoy being amongst wonderful friends in my closet. ;) I love green. It was one of two of my favorite colors growing up. I don't own much in the color though, but my eyes always catch the color when I see it. And certainly saw it in "the purse." (There are a few colors catching my eye lately: a mustardy yellow, this green, of course, and a light heather gray)

It is waaayy out of my budget, as well as Santa's or any other nice gift-giver out there. I went to look for it on RalphLauren.com but did not see it in Kelly Green. I was quite upset, but I did find it on another site! Great news, huh!? ;) Unfortunately it was still the same price. So... it went on my "wish"list. 

Yes, there is a reason for that name. You put all of the things that you'd wish for and know you will never get on it! While I was on the Ralph Lauren web page, I figured I'd take a little look around. I am quite fond of his collection so it was no sacrifice. ;) I am partial to the jewelry too. On one trip to Destin, FL Mono bought me a beautiful pair of silver, oval hoop earrings from the store there. I LOVE them! In fact, I am wearing them today. :) So, added to the wish list are several pieces of jewelry that I have been eying in stores when I shop. On the list they went!! 

So, about 10 items later, I have an official Ralph Lauren Wish List! So there is the Amazon wish list and now the R.L. one. Most of which (besides the books on Amazon) are all really big wishes... like the camera lenses I want. haha

Do you have any "wish" lists? What's on them?!

Here are a few random things I'd like.

See, I told you they were quite random. ;)

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