Friday, November 19, 2010

Little Squirrel

"What's the little squirrel doing?" That's what Mono's Mom asks him when she wants to know what I'm up to. It's funny, because after a house break-in from a family of squirrels when I lived in NY (the turned the stove on, ripped all of our curtains, furniture, clawed the molding around windows... that's just to name a few things they did while we were away for the weekend!), I have really not liked these little creatures. I think they are real cute, but I still held my grudge against all squirrels. Mono's Mom changed my heart! I love being the squirrel now. :) So when I was at Starbucks the other day and saw this mug, I could not pass it up!
 One day a squirrel went out looking for acorns and found a friend.

Mono's Mom and Dad are coming to visit today. I can't wait to show her my mug...and the one I bought her. This way, she will think of her little squirrel when she is back home. ;) Now I need to get her one with a monkey so she can think of Mono when she is home! :)

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