Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Cure!

I think I have found the cure for just about everything! Running! I mean, it's not the cure for everything, but sometimes it feels that way. I can be in the worst mood, so tired, anything... and after a run, I feel so good! I didn't have a good run the other day and it really got me down and concerned I might not be able to run my 5k next month. I still won't be the fastest or most impressive runner, but I know I can do it. No matter what, I know I can do it and all will be good that day. I am back to being excited. :) Mono told me that I can't expect every day to be as good of a day running as days like today, but to see the overall picture. He said I should look at the point I was at in the beginning of the month, and then at the end. So that is what I am going to do for this month. I won't get down on myself if I don't have a good day. Sounds good to me! :) 

Right now, I'm sitting here on my heating pad (I still have bad nerve pain in my hip/leg), watching the Office (I taped it) with Mono and Jimmy. :) At a commercial break I'm going to make some chocolate milk... with ICE! Ah, yumm! Since it is taped I really could just pause it, but I'm going to wait it out. ;) I always enjoy hanging out with my two guys! :) 

Tomorrow is Friday - no meat day - so I am going to make a pasta and shrimp dish. I have two recipes that I really want to make so I have to figure out which dish will be the winner for the night. Ah, all I can think about is consuming things! Chocolate milk, tomorrow's dinner, I'm thinking about my lunch today...and my breakfast yesterday (oh the biscuits were so yummy!). Oh this is what running does to me! I better not talk about tomorrow's dinner in detail. I'll post about that when the timing is better! ;) 

And, before I go, I cannot forget to mention what today is! 11.11!!! I saw 11:11 on the clock today. Pretty cool. Next year will be even better! 11.11.11! Does that call for a party maybe!?!
I've always liked seeing 11:11 on the clock, even as a little girl. In fact, my Dad used to let me see 11:11:11 on his digital watch. :) Happy 11.11 everybody!

Good night all! Back to hanging out with my guys before it's time for me to head home!

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