Thursday, November 4, 2010

How Do You Like Your Apple?

I must say, apples are probably my favorite every day fruit. Fuji apples are my favorite… right now at least. ;) The crunchiness and juiciness of them is oh - soooo sweet! I'm actually not a big fan of "cooked" apples. I like them cold and crunchy, right off the tree! The other day I made apples of my own, with Abuela Gato's hot apple cider to go along. Apples were the theme of the day I guess.

I made apple cinnamon (with pecans) cupcakes with brown sugar and cinnamon butter cream icing. Oh were they yummy! :) I decorated them two different ways. 


And Gato's cider….


Abuela Gato, Mono's grandma, used to make the best hot apple cider. She left it in the crock pot for hours. I remember my first Thanksgiving with them, walking in the house to the wonderful spiced smell of her cider. She had given my parents these U.S. Senate coasters for Christmas (she worked closely with Republican Senators for Nebraska) so I thought they would be perfect to come out for our warm evening snack!

And just for the heck of it... Here was the dinner I made that night.

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