Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'm So Not An Athlete!

I have my 5k in less than three weeks. I am sure to most people they hear a 5k and think, eh, no problem! To me, that will be an accomplishment when I finish it. I have pretty much not exercised a day in my life. I've never been athletic. When I was in grade school I obviously took gym class and when I was in my early teens I rode horses and figure skated weekly. I was never on any competitive level.... or anything near it! I did it for fun, but then I was thrown off of the horse and broke part of my back and neck and that kinda put a stop to all activities. So, basically, I've never been athletic or very active. And since I was hurt, I really have not been very active (besides the prescribed PT). So running like I am is a big deal. I love running and I am hoping that in time I actually become a good runner. Only time will tell I guess. I have a lot of trouble with my breathing, but I have been told that will get better in time. My other problem is.... I get sooo hungry when I am done. :/ I really have to be careful that I stay on top of that and don't just go and eat away. I am really looking forward to race day next month. I am sure I will be a little bit on the nervous side on the day of, but I am really hoping the adrenaline kicks in! Up until that day, I will keep pushing myself towards the finish line! I can't wait for that feeling! :) And who knows, maybe after this 5k, I will actually become an athlete...or at least more active! ;)

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