Sunday, October 24, 2010

Times To Cherish

Mono and I had an unexpected visit to Maryland earlier in the month. Gus's grandma, Abuela Gato, passed away and we went up to be with family and to be there for her funeral. Times like that are always very bittersweet. It is very hard dealing with the loss of a dear loved one, but having the whole family and close friends coming together, celebrating her life and praying for her soul is always so sweet. It was hard being there without Abuela there with us, but we kept busy and enjoyed our time there together as a family. 

 I'm not officially a part of their family…yet… but I am so, so blessed that I am considered family already. It's been like that ever since day one though. They all welcomed me with such open hearts. I love them all dearly. I have known them for 3 years now, and I am so glad I had that time to visit with Abuela before she passed away. I have wished that Mono had been able to know my grandparents who passed away when I was younger and I wish that we had a greater ability to visit with my grandparents in New York together more often. Gus's other grandparents live next door to his parents' house so I am able to see them every time I visit. 

Abuela was only able to make it to visit in Alabama once, last Thanksgiving, but it was such a special trip. It is a long ride for anyone, but even longer for her, but she did it! We had a great little visit with her and I am so very thankful that she came with Gus's parents to our family's home for Thanksgiving weekend. We had a delicious dinner together and a nice weekend relaxing and visiting. It is something I will always cherish and remember. 
We all love you Gato. We miss you and you are in our prayers every day.

Like I said above, there were times of sweetness during this visit with family. One moment that stands out is the Oyster Festival. It was actually the day we left, but the late departure of our flight allowed us the time to spend the entire day with the family. We went to Church and headed over to the fairgrounds. I'm certainly not an oyster lover, but I am a photography lover so I used the time that they enjoyed eating those gooey things to take pictures! :) I don't know who was happier, me or them!
Erin ordered two dozen steamed/grilled oysters for the 5 of them to share (Amber and I didn't want to touch them!)...
 There ya go! Two dozen steamed oysters! Are there any pearls inside? That's the only part of an oyster I like! ;)
 Come on, who wants to eat one of those! It looks like a large, you know what from your nose! I've been told it's an acquired taste...I guess so.
 The Fam! That's all of us enjoying our day at St. Mary's County Oyster Festival!
 I didn't realize you can eat them with crackers. Hmmm... May I just have a saltine, please?
 These babies were waiting to be opened.
 Mono and his brother, Alex. Both boys are oyster lovers!
 They were hungry! We ordered two more dozen!
 Mono was in his glory!
 haha- The Oyster King took a picture with us!
 Our lunch... smoked beef sandwich. It was quite yummy! All it was missing was some good sweet tea! I guess you only get that in the South. I'm sure Amber, Mono and his mom would have enjoyed it too!
 Hungry cow!
 The Pretty Ladies of the Oyster Festival! :)
 I really enjoyed our time together. It was such a beautiful day too! What a wonderful ending to a family visit.
 Do you see that?! Caramel Apples!!!
 I lllooovvveee apples! And when you add caramel to it, ah, even better!
 Look how gooey and oh, so yummy!
 I really enjoyed my sweet snack!
 We got a few orders of caramel apples. No one could resist! :)
 Awww, how sweet! They were napping together. :)
 Amber and Mono both love animals!
 How can't you love animals when you see a face like this one?!
 Or this one? I think goats are just too cute. They have such a funny personality!
 I think this was Taffy. Amber has a nice touch with the animals. :)
 The beautiful state flag of the beautiful state of Maryland along with the beautiful flag of our Country!
What a wonderful ending to another great visit with family!

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