Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Few Things I'd Like To Be Doing Right About Now....

Okay, so my mood for blogging is slowly creeping back. After as many hours as I have spent on a couch, the desire to do anything is creeping back! I hope this pain doesn't last too long so I can get back up on my feet and get some fun things done...and of course the things that have to get done.

Right now I'd like to do a little sewing. I have been wanting to make a cover for my camera strap, and that's pretty easy to do, so that's high on the list of things to do... maybe even before I completely get better. I also want to make a little tote bag, for every day things. I always shove so much into my purse, like my camera, planner and a little bag of odds and ends, so I'd like to maybe put that stuff in something else to tag along with me when I need it or when my purse itself is too small to hold it all. That's two things. Then I have two ideas for cupcakes... one is a Fall cupcake and the other is in preparation for Christmas! I want to experiment a little before hand. Those are the top four things I'd like to do. I'd also like to be feeling well enough to cook a nice dinner, be able to sit at Church and pray for a little while, get all my wash and ironing done and clean the bathroom.... There's also a new area of shops that are opening up that I'd like to scope out! Annnddd, if I knew of a nice little place around here, I'd like to go take pictures and capture this beautiful season of Fall! :) When all this will get done is a big question! We'll see what tomorrow brings!

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