Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pretzel Time!

I had made some spicy, honey mustard the other day, in preparation for today's football snack! Homemade soft pretzels! I knew Mono and I both liked them, so I thought I would spend some time learning to make them. And I knew he liked dipping them in mustard so I decided I would learn how to make that as well.
 It's not often I have my own photographer, documenting what I am making! :) Thanks Mono!
 I loved the texture of this dough. :)

 The dough was made and I had to let it sit and double in size. It took about an hour, so I relaxed and got some things done that I wanted to do today. :) The timing was perfect!

 I will make sure I have more room next time for this part of the process. Rolling it out into a long piece was hard with all that on the counter so they got a little on the chunky side.

 Yumm! They were certainly a tasty snack for the football games today!
 Here's the jar of mustard that I made. It is really hard to make something you won't taste for flavoring. I am not a mustard person at all. If I am going to eat it, it has to be just a tad, of more of a honey mustard, on a sandwich or something. So being that I was making more of a spicy mustard, I wasn't going to taste it... Turns out, it was good, and definitely on the spicy side! Next time I am going to add a little more honey I think.
 Mono's game day treat!
I have a lot of fun trying out new recipes and experimenting with random things I wouldn't normally think of making on my own. It's been fun. This week has certainly had it's share of random meals and snacks!

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