Thursday, August 8, 2013

a jumbled mess

Do you ever feel like a jumbled mess and you feel a desperate need to wrap things up for the week? Before I head to bed, I am going to take a few minutes to write out what needs to be wrapped up tomorrow. The past few days have left me so off kilter. We have had workers in an out trying to figure out our AC issue, while living in a 90 degree house. My weekly schedule has been thrown out the window and I feel like I am so behind. I have all the chores and small tasks from the past few days that need to be caught up on. I am struggling trying to figure out tasty and filling dinners for us on our Whole 30 so that is something that feels a jumbled mess too. I always feel better if I can write out all that is on my mind of what needs to be done, purchased, mailed, etc. That way I don't forget, I can mark it off as I go, and sleep peacefully knowing it won't be forgotten, but will be waiting for me on paper in the morning!

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