Friday, November 23, 2012

Daily Thankfuls Day Twenty Three


Duncan, or as Jimmy would say, Uncle Duncan, is here visiting with Mami and Papi. Duncan is Mami's dog and worked in search and rescue. He has so many exciting stories from adventures he has been on with Mami. The days of search and rescue have passed, but are certainly not forgotten! He has gotten a little older over the years, but is still his same wonderful self.
Duncan still likes to keep a little adventure in his life though. When he goes down the stairs, he likes to jump from the 5th or so step to the landing! Today he took that landing badly and his back hip came out of joint, very badly. He went to the vet here and will have to stay overnight to be taken care of. It has been quite the scare, especially being that he is fourteen years old and it was a terrible injury. Thankfully we got word that the procedure they had to do was successful and he should have a good recovery. It will take some time and he will have to be very careful from now on, but Mami's sweet boy should be okay!!

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