Thursday, November 8, 2012

Daily Thankfuls Day Eight



A few months back you may remember me telling you about our friend Austin. He was in rehab in Atlanta, but he was recently moved to a location ten minutes from our home! We were pretty excited to hear the news. We knew we'd have him over, hang out, go out and do some fun things... only one problem, which was not a real problem. Every single way into our house had steps, which was not wheel chair friendly.
No biggie! We built a ramp just for him! It's nothing fancy or special, but it serves it's purpose! We can't wait for him to come over! It was so nice to know we were doing something that not only was for our benefit (of him being able to visit), but for his, so he could get out of therapy, hang out with friends, and enjoy himself! I wish we could do more, but at least we can show our love and support in little ways right now.

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