Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Daily Thankfuls Day Twenty One


Ever since our two precious little men arrived, we have had to watch our budget even more. Life with twins adds up the bills. Even if we had all the money in the world, it's double everything. And when you go through the amount of diapers alone that I go through in a day, everything adds up. It doesn't help that one little man in particular likes to wet his diaper no more than 2 seconds after I change him... and laughs, like he already knows what he is doing!
 I'm certainly not complaining at all. They are worth every single penny and every dirty diaper, and I will happily cut back more costs and change more dirty diapers with more children one day. There are a lot of young people out there that want their possessions more than sweet babies. I'd rather have my sweet babies than a lot of other luxuries. They are my luxury!

With that being said, I try to find ways to cut some costs, especially on the bills the boys provide us with. We go through endless diapers and formula. Just when you think you have enough on hand, we run out. I never like to be short on any of it, so I like to have a decent amount stored up. We have gone from disposable diapers, to a nightmare cloth diapering, and back to disposables. But this time, we tried out the Target brand, Up+Up. Actually, we did not do this due to price, but rather the fact that they were possibly allergic to the more expensive brand. Up+Up was such a life-saver that I started to buy more of their products, including formula. We needed to try switching their formula as well, so that is when we had the idea to try Up+Up. After a little research, it seemed like that was the way we should try, and we are so happy on it! Happy babies and less bills! Thank you Target! 

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