Friday, November 16, 2012

Daily Thankfuls Day Sixteen


Mono's grandmother, Bella, had given Mono and his brother each a diamond from a pair of her earrings to use in the engagement rings they would give their fiancĂ©es. My sister-in-law and I each have the same center diamond in our rings! I love the fact that they were Bella's and that we each have the same ring, yet a little different. Her baguette's are round (if I remember correctly) and mine are pear-shaped. Now, my wedding band is not a family heirloom. Mono picked that out after we were engaged. In the picture above, I am hiding a missing diamond on the other side of the band! I lost a diamond, but believe it or not, as tiny as they are, Mono found it! Since Mami and Papi are coming to visit I will be able to send it home with them to a family friend who repairs our jewelry for us! I will certainly miss having my wedding ring on from now until Christmas, but I know it is in good hands and I will have a nice sturdy and intact ring again! 

Bella and I share a great love for jewelry. And no matter how nice the piece is, we wear them all the time! 
This was her beautiful piece of jewelry too, and she passed it down to me when Mono and I got engaged. Right after my wedding and engagement rings, this ring is always with me. I wear it with dressy outfits and even my jeans and sweats! I adore it and will always treasure it.

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