Monday, November 12, 2012

Daily Thankfuls Day Twelve


Thankful for another full and successful day, rainy days, and my cozy bed after long days like today.

Not only was I able to care for the boys, cross most everything off my list, make a nice dinner and extras for lunches during the week, but also made cookies for when Austin came over!
He came for dinner and Monday Night Football, which was great. It was nice to visit with him and also know that he and Mono could enjoy some good guy time. Although Mono lives in a house of 4 boys and only one girl, guy time is always nice.

As nice as days full of warmth as sunshine may be, cozy, fall days, with gray skies dripping rain are welcomed once in a while! I love when it is dark in the house and I have the little lights lit to brighten up the room. Oh, sooo cozy!

I was so tired though at the end of the day, like nearly all days, that I could not appreciate my comfy bed much more than I was at that moment! I plopped down after the boys last feeding and just took a deep breath and relaxed so nicely before falling asleep. It felt sooo good!

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