Sunday, November 11, 2012

Daily Thankfuls Day Eleven


Thankful for a day filled with time and energy to get things done.

Today was a long, full, but good day!
I don't normally have time or energy to get done more than I have to.
I usually cross the necessities off, but there are always wishful things on my daily to do lists that never get done, until days or even weeks later.
Today was different and I loved it.
Life was a little bit back to normal.

I am developing a bit of a routine and schedule... or as much of one as I can with twin babies in the house! It feels good. They nap a bit more now, which not only allows me to get things done, but with both hands!

I made a nice dinner, baked tasty bread and got so much done... all while not feeling stressed! It was so lovely!

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