Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Life Lately

My life is filled with little bits of craziness. I don't have any lavish blog, wardrobe, career, or hobby, like a lot of lovely bloggers out there, but these little men make each bit of the craziness of my life lavish! Take a peek into our life, full of love and little adventures!

Gussy adores his brother. There are fights on occasion, but these two boys love each other.
The men of the house, big and little, are really into smoothies.
 Mr. Sweetness, my little Gap Baby.
 These three make my life complete and keep me laughing.
 Sometimes Momma entertainment just doesn't cut it for these boys. And sometimes, Momma needs a break to get things done.
The most highly coveted toy in our home: the scoop. With it comes much entertainment and many fights. 
 Though our little men are naturally caffeinated, Will enjoyed his imaginary cafecito with his Papi on Saturday morning.
 These needed a pick me up. They're not done yet, still need some embellishments, but gold is always better!
 Love being his second shooter! We attempted a family photo on our own. The boys didn't know to look at the camera since we were both in the picture with them! We'll try again.
 We made a trip to a local goat farm since we have little men in our home that are strictly goat milk boys.
 I found my cotton fields. Not peak time, but it was still a joy to happen upon some!
 I love my little men! 

There are very few pictures of the three of us. I am thankful for this candid one. I hope to get more with my little men soon… When we shoot our Christmas card photo.

 This makes me crave salads.
 This little man loves to open the shades for me every morning. I love him. And I love that he knows to do this!
 We have a hugh Taylor Swift fan in our house. Morning dance party to his favorite of her songs!
 And speaking of Taylor Swift….
 A visit to the Hubs at work. Break time or hard at work? Hmmm… 
 This boy is filled with sweetness!
 He's a thinker for sure. He makes this serious face and then a moment later bursts out in laughter. He knows exactly what he is doing.

 Cozy morning breakfast with the fam!
 I love this handsome guy. He keeps our life cool.

 Getting prepped for 2014! Love the hint of gold foil!
 Conversation with the Hubs… Me (after what feels like the 10th football game of the day): "Don't you ever get tired of watching football?" The Hubs: "Do you ever get tired of Hallmark movies?" Me: "Ah. Good point!" And from there I went back to my 3rd movie of the day. 
 Major perk of taking the Hubs car to physical therapy!
 These two are not just brothers, but truly the best of friends.
 Mr. Sociable himself.

"Okay guys, which one of you is my favorite? Who ever gives me their cookie first wins! Go!" - jimmy

 Secret Santas are out in the mail! My sister-in-law is always the one that arranges this and I offered to take it off her hands and give her a break from it this year. I was happy to help and happy to have fun being the elf this year!
 This is the best eight dollars I've spent in forever!
 They grow up way too fast.

Oh Will. He is always such a character.
 This little man is forever smiling.

 Another picture from our cotton field adventure!
 Welcome back cuties! How I've missed you!
 Hello sweetness. You brighten my day.
 Skyping with their grandparents, great-grandparents, and great-great uncle! 
 As if they aren't squish-able enough already. 
 Oh and this sweet boy. Though I get frustrated being the only one he will go outside with, he keeps a smile on my face. And he is a sweet companion and guardian for the boys.
 While we are on the puppy pictures. We had to say goodbye to this sweet pup of 14 years, who was the Hubs co-worker. He greeted the Hubs each morning when he arrived and sat by his desk in the office. The Hubs is really going to miss this sweet boy. I had to make sure I had my last goodbye with him that morning.
 Oh this sight. How lovely. Actually, though it wasn't the best appointment, I got great relief from it! And I graduate therapy tomorrow because of it! Woo hooo! Now only neck/back therapy for this Momma.
 One more of one of the sweet boys I spend my days with!
And last, but not least, home.
If you are still with me after that load of pictures, thank you. I felt the need to catch up with ya'll.
Life with littles keeps me busy, busy, busy.
I want to craft, be artistic, make things, read, blog, the list goes on. But I seem to just end up wanting to plop down on the couch when I am out of work… which is really never. I just slack at that point.
I promise the next life lately post won't be so picture soaked!

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