Friday, November 22, 2013

Five Things Friday: On the Go

I don't know about you, and I hate to admit this, but I don't always make time to really get myself ready for the day. Some days I am lucky to just get out of my pjs and throw my hair in a ponytail… no shower in the am. But, I have some tricks that help keep me rather fresh for only having spent 4 minutes getting ready.

1. My favorite deodorant! I have not tried, but I can guarantee it would keep me feeling and smelling fresh for days, shower-less. 

2. Olay wet cleansing cloths are wonderful to give your face a quick clean and a pick me up without needing to get out your soap and splash water all over your face, risking getting your hair wet when you don't have time to dry it!

3. Number three is really a two parter, but we are keeping it as one for the sake of the five-things. There are two things that help keep my hair with some body and oil-free, and the first is actually baby powder. You have to make sure you really work it in so you don't leave your hair looking like you have white powder in it or even with a grayish tint! I have enough natural grays that I make sure to really work it in so they are not accentuated! And the second thing is dry shampoo spray. It's not very expensive and is another option for keeping my hair looking good for a shower-less day.

4. When I don't get a good night's rest, which is most nights due to a lack of being able to sleep, I tend to have dark circles under my eyes in the morning. So a little under-eye concealer always helps with that.

5. And to perk my eyes up a bit and not look so sleepy, mascara! Almay's Get Up and Grow seems to be my favorite so far. I've tried the expensive kinds and many cheap kinds but they all seem to make my lashes clump, thick (not in a good way) and spidery.

So when I am really quick and on the go, this is my go to for looking and staying fresh! Do you have any quick tips to share?! 

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