Monday, November 18, 2013

Introducing Momma Mondays

Mondays. We all love them, don't we? While I think of the topic of motherhood in some form or another each and every day, I thought I would leave those posts for Mondays. It seems to fit for me. Thus the Momma Mondays.

Today I thought I would talk about gift giving for your children. Growing up, both the Hubs and I, were given so much. Not to a tremendously spoiled level, we were just very blessed to live comfortably. We had nice clothes to wear, fun toys to play with, etc. And while we want to pass that on to our littles, I don't want them to be given in an over abundance. I have been around too many children that are given way too much. Too much for their birthdays, for their siblings birthdays so they don't feel left out (even though it's not their birthday), for Christmas or just because. While our boys are only one and they don't really know whether they get one toy or 10, I want to start now.

With Christmas right around the corner, we are starting to think about what we want to ask from Santa. They are going to ask for one thing they need, a book and one toy. And Santa will surprise them when he fills their stocking with little goodies. I think Santa may put a movie or some sort of DVD (maybe a sing-a-long), some big boy spoons, and little necessities. When they are older and more in need of things, or are able to let us know they desire certain things, maybe it will be a piece of clothing or a larger share item and a smaller item for each of them. But we want to keep it simple. A few boxes to open and their stocking. I want their library to grow full of many stories for them to fall in love with, just as I did as a child, so each year adding a special book for each boy is something I have a feeling Santa will do for them. I think if you can raise your children not to expect much and to be happy even with the few simplest of things that is a true gift to them.

For their birthday they got a picnic table and an outfit. I know this will slightly change once they are older and things they want are bigger and more expensive, but it isn't necessarily the price, but just keeping it simple. I hope we are able to instill in our little ones to be grateful for the simplest and smallest of gifts and hopefully starting young will help.

I love to wrap gifts like a little piece of artwork so I always make sure their few little gifts look like a sweet treasure. So remember, even if there are only a few things to unwrap, wrap them beautifully and with love, and it will be all the more special!

Throughout the years I am sure there will be trips to the toy store or surprise gifts, just because, but that is not the norm. I don't want our boys to be the children in the store that demand a toy every time they are in Target or Toys R Us because they think they should have a new toy all the time. I want them to feel loved and grateful with what they have and when the occasional treat comes along it is an extra special occasion in their minds!

How do you handle gift giving for your little ones?

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