Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Little DIY

In case you are looking for something to do this weekend, I have an easy and cheap DIY project for you! I have always loved bulletin boards, but never really liked the look of the cork. I've thought of covering them before, but it was years ago when I was a young teenager and probably would have put an awful pattern on it, or something that certainly would not look good in our home. And then it was thanks to the sweet blogger extraordinaire, Paige, that I realized it would look fabulous if it was done with a neutral fabric. I made a small version a while back, but it never fulfilled my desire to have one as large as Paige's. So this week I made a quick trip to the local craft store, with a 40% coupon in hand and bought a large cork board and a yard of linen-like fabric to cover it. It is such a super simple DIY, and I could easily tell you how it is done, but I want to make you go see Paige's fabulous blog to see how it is done! Since this only went up recently, I don't have it filled yet… soon though!

And in case you want to see a few more shots of her photo board or her jewelry board that is just like it, you can check out these links as well.

An Embarrassingly Simple DIY Jewelry Board

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