Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Long One

A Long day that is...

We've been getting up earlier than usual in this house this week. I enjoyed it the first day, with good reason, but not today. On Tuesday, our first day back from vacation, we were up by 6, out by about 6:30. Today I was up a little later, out by 8. Today I wasn't happy about my reasoning for an early morning. Jimmy had to go back to the doctor, which is an hour away. I don't mind going up there because I can visit my parents while I am there, but these visits to the vet, get to me. My little guy has a problem that they are unable to identify, even after a sonogram, x-rays, multiple urine and blood tests… you name it. I left again without an explanation of what is wrong. And this is not good for the worrying girl I am. Jimmy is not just my pet dog, he is my family. It breaks my heart each time I leave him with the vet. I tell him he is in good hands and he is a good boy, but I can see the look on his face. He is a little guy, with a lot of expression. We go back on Friday, this time for a little surgery. I am petrified of being put under. Anesthesia and I are enemies. Big time enemies. I have been put out twice, and neither were good experiences. They have a hard time waking me up, I turn green and get violently sick. So of course those memories are in my mind, along with the horror stories of dogs and people not coming out of anesthesia. I don't know what I would do without my boy. So for now, I just have to love on him and pray for Friday that his body is at it's strongest and his doctor at his sharpest! Please pray for him on Friday morning for a successful trip to the doctor!

After I dropped the little guy at the vet (he had to stay all day), I went to get my worries covered… aka… my grays. I have awful luck with hair coloring. And after today I realized that my hairstylist may be able to cut hair, but she is not good with color. For my wedding, my hair turned red. Now while I do love girls with red hair, I don't love it on me. It's not my natural color so I just look down right weird. I am a very dark blonde. So today I told her I wanted light highlights. Nothing big, just to cover the grays. Well, I'm blonde. Not as blonde as I was as a little girl, but it's lighter than I've been in a while. And to top it off, she did a horrible job! I can still see the grays and when I don't wear my bangs down, well, let's just say, it's not a pretty sight. I left there even more disheartened than I already was from my worries about Jim.

My hair should be the least of my worries. It'll fade a bit, right? Yes. Just tell me yes. So, after Jimmy was ready to be picked up at the vet, I headed back home. I got home, put my stuff away, gave my boy a special treat, and his medicine and sat on the couch for 10 minutes, and pretty much did nothing. After those wonderful 10 minutes, I got myself up and got dinner going, did dishes, laundry (I had the biggest pile of clean laundry I've ever had to fold), and a few little odds and ends. Then it was time to cook dinner, clean up and then around 7/7:30 I enjoyed quiet on the couch. E-mailing, pinning, blogging. What goodness.

I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow too, then Friday with Jimmy at the doctor, so I am heading to bed now! Remember, pray for my little guy on Friday and I will be sure to let you all know how he does!

99. a husband that reassures me that our little guy will be okay going through surgery

100. a puppy that brings smiles to everyone's faces, even when he isn't happy

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