Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Guest Post: Jimmy

 Hi Guys!
Greetings from one of my favorite spots to hang out... the couch.
I usually sit with Mare when she blogs and I have picked up the knack of how it all goes, so tonight, the post is going to be written by me!  I thought I'd tell you about a typical day in my life, a few of my favorite things and some recent things that have been going on.
 As you can see, Mare takes lots of pictures of me. 
And, you can also see, I spend a lot of my time on the couch and cuddling.
In the morning, when Mare and Mono are ready for the day, all three of us go outside when it is time for Mono to go to work. I get my morning little walk outside and we say goodbye to Mono... until he comes home for lunch.
Mare usually makes the bed right after this, but I always sneak back into my, their, our bed...and I stay there for a good portion of the morning.
I get up later in the afternoon, go to the couch, play with my toys, you know fun stuff.
My days are pretty calm.
Sleep, go out, have treats, eat dinner....
I'm really loved so they are all good days.
I think besides my family and cuddles, treats are my very favorite thing ever!
My best buddy, Uncle Duncan, leaves me his chewys when he leaves. 
Oh my. They are just the best
I spend a lot of time during the day playing with them and chewing on them.
I like to take it in my mouth and then toss it across the room and run and get it and start all over again.
It's a lot of fun.
And then I rest and chew them for a while.
Always on a rug.
I don't like to play with it on the couch or in the bed because I can't throw it and chase it, but I slide too much on the wood floor.
Our rugs are perfect.
And then I get more chewys for my teeth. I get a few a week.
They help keep my teeth nice and clean, aaaannnndddd Marezy says it helps me have better breath.
Lastly, I get good boy treats.
They're tiny, but they are sooo yummy.
When my Dad and Momma come to visit, they give me lots of them... because they miss me so much.
That's a good amount of goodies, don't ya think?
Besides the bed that I let Mono and Mare sleep in share with Mono and Mare, I have two other beds and a house. One in our room and one in the den. The one in the den is small and really, really soft. It's navy blue with a white whale on it... that's why we call it the whale bed. I sleep there sometimes during the day when the sun is coming through the window nearby. I also have s soft fabric house that my blanket is in. When I just want to go away and be really cozy, that is my favorite place to sleep.Sometimes I don't even go in a bed. I like to lay on the cool wood floor in the sun. It is one of my favorite places to sleep besides the big comfy bed. And lastly, the bed that is in our room, that is more like my toy box. I play in it sometimes though, but never really take naps in it.
Believe it or not, I don't like a lot of toys.
My favorite ones are my chewy, my empty 2 liter bottle of soda, my squeaky mini soccer ball and my rope. Most days, when I play, it's with my chewy from Duncan.
And the happenings in my life these days... I hadn't been feeling well and I have had to go back and forth to the doctor a whole bunch of times. I HATE going to the doctor. The doctors and nurses are really nice, but I can think of places I'd much rather visit with nice people at. I had a little surgery the other day and I go back for my next check-up next week. And after that, I have to wait another 3 or 4 weeks to see if the surgery helped. Please say a prayer it does. I don't want to keep going back. And I want to start feeling better again. Thanks for all of the prayers that you have said for me. Mare always told me you were all praying for me. It made me feel better.
So, now you know my daily schedule, my favorite treats and toys, all about my favorite places to lay and what has been going on in my life... Is there anything else you'd like to know about me? 

Back to relaxing/reading (Mami sent us Bark - the magazine) and time to give Mare her computer back! 

Woof! Woof! 

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