Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Why do I find myself wanting to do so much and change so much, yet not actually do much at all? My days are full and endless, but my lists never shrink. My mind is on overdrive, but my body has its emergency break on. I have been extra tired lately and I do get lazy from time to time. I want to have the clock stop for the day, freeze life, have some energy, and catch up, get into a routine again and get my groove back. I want to be physically active again. I want to run. I want to notice and feel myself getting into shape. I want that routine that is just right for me. I want to finish things and be more well rested and less on edge. I want my time in prayer. I want to feel, and truly be, caught up on my random to do list so I can focus on the regular day-to-day, accomplish what needs to be done and have time to relax, unwind, enjoy, and feel rested. I want to create, whether it be in my journal, on my blog, through my photography, or being crafty. I want to stay updated in my writing. I always regret not recording my thoughts on time, or at all. And I like to do it. I always say I am going to, and don't. It's part of starting, but not finishing things. Maybe this can be a day one (again) for me. I've been wanting to go on my walks with the boys like I was doing after Nina left, but it has been so rainy which isn't good for walking the little men. Here is a good routine for a day in our life: 

Boys wake up
Change diapers
morning walk or boys breakfast (depending on what time they wake up and their moods)
*pray during our walk
breakfast if we didn't eat before our walk
playtime/facetime Grandma
*work on chores while boys are playing and talking to Grandma
naptime for boys and shower for momma
*if boys are still napping, check e-mail and get organized for the day
go to Mass (bring bottles along) - on days that it is doable 
*days we do not go to Mass, use this time for daily chore
naptime for boys and free time for momma - do something enjoyable, or nap!
dinner prep
feed boys
dinner for us and playtime for them
bathtime and bedtime for the boys
tidy up from dinner and the day
time to relax from the day
10/10:30 bedtime for me

Maybe I can try this tomorrow. I know not every day can go as planned, but I want to make an effort to have some routine that works!

To any stay-at-home mommas out there, or mommas of twins +, do you have any tips on how to keep to a routine?

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