Tuesday, July 9, 2013

a before and after

When we purchased our home that we would live in when we got married, the hubs and I each had some furniture to contribute to furnish the house. We were quite well situated and had all the necessities. We knew though that in time there were a few pieces we would like to have. One of the pieces was one for the foyer. I knew I wanted it pretty, yet functional. The foyer is directly off the dining room, so I knew it would be perfect to hold many of our china pieces, etc. We didn't have a huge budget, but being that I wanted something pretty and didn't want to settle, I didn't have too high of hopes. At one point before we moved in, Mom and I were shopping and I came upon a great deal for a piece I loved. I just didn't love the color. I should rephrase that. I liked the color, but the color didn't like our house. I went through with my purchase anyway because I figured one day I could some how figure it out and wing it with re-finishing the piece. I had never re-finished anything in my life so I knew I was semi-crazy, but I couldn't pass up the deal. It was a beautiful piece, very well made, and a great price! So we threw it in the back of Mom's Tahoe and off it went. The purple piece sat in our house for quite a while. Some people loved it. Some people looked at me with a questioning look. And two babies later, it took me an even longer time to be crazy getting it done. One day I had the urge to do it and after the boys were asleep, I began my long project, just praying that as I went, I'd figure out what I was doing. I started with the mirror (another super cheap find- thanks Jilly!) and when that went well, I moved on to the piece of furniture.

I had heard people raving about Annie Sloan's chalk paint so I thought I'd give it a try. I do like how it worked on these pieces, but when I went to use it on a few other pieces, I became less of a fan. I am glad I went with Annie Sloan for this piece of furniture and am truly pleased with the outcome, but in the future, I would definitely consider trying to refinish with another brand, less pricey. I am not really sure what the big deal with the paint is. It does look nice, but I am not sure it is worth all the hype. Maybe it is, but I just don't realize what the difference would have been with regular paint.

First I painted the pieces with Old White Chalk Paint.

Once it was completely dry, I used some antique glazing. Again, I was praying as I went alone that I wouldn't destroy the piece with all the black glaze!

And while I don't have a great DIY or step by step pictures, here is the after. Although purple is one of my favorite colors, I do think this looks much better! I'll let you in on a little secret... I still have to wax this piece, but at least it looks finished. Maybe when the boys are a little older I will have the time... college age older. wink.

Don't be afraid to try to refinish a piece yourself! It's not too hard, just time consuming and a little tedious! So don't pass up that cute end table or desk just because of its color or finish! 

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