Thursday, July 25, 2013


Two days ago I made a plan for myself. I am not the most organized person. I am not overly scheduled. I don't tend to finish things either. Yet, I crave it all. So, I thought I'd try to set out with a new routine. I try out a new routine and then not long after I settle into it, bam! something happens. I am off my routine, dangling around to find a new one to mesh with what has currently been put on my plate. It's a  plan, rinse, repeat, kind of thing. So, like I said, I made a plan for what our day would be like and then wallah! we were under the weather, cranky, and completely out of sorts. I have been absolutely exhausted which leads me to feeling under the weather and worn out. Gus has been more out of sorts than Will and he woke up sick this morning. So my plan has gone out the window for our routine.

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