Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Adventure's of Room 319

Back on Sunday night, one week ago today, I had my normal swelling in my legs/feet, especially my right side. This was nothing new. I showed the doctor and she even felt as though it was just normal pregnancy swelling and told me to keep my legs up and reduce salt intake as much as possible. Okay, I followed directions and then on Sunday night I had an excruciating and long lingering charley horse. It made me cry and I couldn't move an inch. I didn't know what to do. After that I couldn't walk because of the pain and my calf (right side) was swollen quite a bit. I honestly thought the pain and swelling was from a pulled muscle that happened during the charley horse.

On Monday my parents came to visit and they saw my leg. They both separately asked if I thought it could have anything to do with a blood clot. I thought they were insane. Of course it has nothing to do with a blood clot! It's just swelling and pain from the charley horse and the normal swelling. That is what I thought at least. Later that evening, around 9, they mentioned it again. And again, I thought they were crazy. I don't have a blood clot. My leg is not red, hot, nothing besides these normal symptoms. 

Well, to just appease them, I spoke with my father-in-law, who is a doctor and just asked what the symptoms were and told him what I was experiencing. Little did I know, he would right away send me to the ER. He said, "Mare, have someone take you to the ER right away. It could be a blood clot." I said to him, "Papi, are you serious? You honestly think I could have a blood clot and I have to go to the ER? Are you sure?!" So, off my parents, Mono, and I went around 9:15 to Labor and Delivery (I called ahead there and they said come in to just be sure). 

My monitors... yes I was contracting too. 

Loved all my bracelets! Quite the collection, huh!? The orange one was my Austin bracelet... I chose to keep that in the collection, the rest were mandatory.
To make a long story short, if that is even possible for me to do, they really didn't think I had a clot. They thought the pain was from a muscle pull and the swelling as well. But they ordered an ultrasound to check my leg for a clot. The tech came in and she started at the very top of my leg, pressed down really hard and went down to my ankle to check to see what was up. She was friendly, but then as she was doing the u/s, she stopped chatting and then said, "Someone will be right back." Then the nurse came in and said, "Did she say anything to you?" And I said that she hadn't. Apparently, she walked out to the nurses station and had an awful look on her face and that is when the nurse came in to talk to me... She told me that I have a blood clot that runs the length of my entire right leg. Then she began to tell me I cannot put any pressure on my right leg at all and I'd be admitted into the hospital. So they wheeled my bed into my room, #319 - my birthday (March 19th!) and they had to kind of roll me onto the other bed. I couldn't even get off my bed to the other. I was immediately put on medicine so the clot would not break off at all or get any larger. At this point, it was quite late. I was all hooked up to monitors, as were each of the boys, I had my IV in with everything that I needed to be getting and when things were settled, around 1:30, Mom and Mono went home. Dad stayed with me that night. Mono couldn't because he had to be at work really early and needed his clothes and all. He came for a quick visit though during the day the next day to see how I was during his lunch break. And then he spent the rest of the nights with me and Mom and Dad went home for the night. They came back in the morning when Mono had to be at work and then Mono came back for lunch and then after work.
Fun times in room 319! That picture of me not fully in bed rest, is when I was leaving.
Besides Mono and my parents visiting, I had a few friends stop by and a few priests we are friendly with. Everyone was so kind to spend time with me during my stay at the hospital. Everyone brought some sort of goody or another. MUCH better than the yucky hospital food.

I stayed there until Thursday and was discharged that afternoon. I was beyond happy! Now that I am home, I am on strict bed rest, only being allowed up for the bathroom and an occasional shower. I have to give myself my own shots twice a day and take the other medicine they sent me home on. Bed rest stinks, especially with the even bigger stomach that I have grown, but if it is going to help me and also help keep the boys inside, I'll do whatever I have to do! Mono has been good about helping me in the evenings when he gets home from work and my parents will be back tomorrow to help me during the day. Good thing I got what I did done for the boys' arrival!!
 I had an IV with two bags (one fluid, one medicine - only one pictured) in one arm and a zillion needle pokes from all the blood I needed drawn in the other.

So that was the 34th week excitement! Do you think that is enough to last the next couple weeks? I surely hope so!

I've gained more weight, but they think a lot of it was fluid from all that I was getting through the IV. So we will see tomorrow when I go back for a check up how much I actually have gained. My stomach has definitely gotten bigger and the boys are moving around, slowly, but I feel it a lot more. They are loving pressing into my ribs and jabbing my back and leaning on every organ they can find, poking out my stomach as much as they possibly can. I think they are just ready to come out... and I'm ready for them to come out... but not until the 28th! Their movement hasn't hurt until recently and my goodness, does it hurt! Maybe it's worse with two of them, or maybe I am just a big wuss. It's probably the later. haha. 
Yucky hospital food. I ate what I could from each meal, but I told them a few times not to bring me anything... and then my parents brought in real food!
I don't have all that much else to say for this week. It was eventful, yet uneventful with all the bed rest. They boys say hello. They're trying to pop out... always worse at night! 

I'll update you for week 35!

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