Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hello August!

Hello August. Hello Lilly. Hello month that our boys arrive!

Can you believe it is already August 1st? Kids are getting ready to head back to school. Highschool grads are preparing to venture off to college. Cooler weather is heading our way... well not here in the south. We still have a while before the cool days of the fall are upon us. New agenda/planners are cracked open for the first time, waiting to be filled in with fun events... and probably lots and lots of daily tasks. Aaannnnndddd.... August 1st also leads us into the month of our little men!
 I'm big on planners. Big. They have to be just so though. My new Lilly planner has been sitting around tucked away in a drawer so I wouldn't fuss with it too much before August arrived, and now, today this beauty came out to play! Even though it is not laid out exactly like I prefer, I could not resist how happy it looks every single month! It is like a piece of summer happiness and my love of the beach year round. This will surely get me through the cold, long months of the winter... or just make me miss the beach even more!
 I have to keep a little clip of my notes on the open week because I can't fit everything in the selected date's slot. I also have other important notes that I have to keep on hand, so I clip them together in the current week so I do not misplace them or forget. 
When I first found out I was pregnant, September was going to be the highly anticipated month for our boys' to come. As times has passed, as they and I have grown, they will now be making their grand entrance at the end of this month. Yes, this month! Crazy to think about. Within a few weeks, I will have two babies in my arms!

I haven't been nervous at all... until now. Now the nerves have begun to set it a bit. I'm getting anxious, I'm getting more uncomfortable, more ready to be done with this huge belly and have my boys here with me. I worry. That's not new news if you know me. So of course I have a few of the big "what ifs" fluttering around in my mind. I am just ready to be done with the wait of these next few weeks, done with the c-section and get on with life with our two little men!
I welcome you with a big smile, August. This will forever be a good month in our family! I can't wait to be able to fill out Baby A and Baby B's birthday on this month's page in my Lilly agenda... and all my other calendars!

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