Friday, August 3, 2012

The Countdown Has Officially Begun!

I got a very exciting call late this morning.
It was shortly after 11.
I didn't know when to expect them, but I knew it would be soon.
The hospital called, letting me know the date and time of the boys' arrival!
Their birthday!!
They'll be joining in on all the fun on August 28th, not much later than 7:15 am.
I have to be in the hospital to begin prep for the c/s at 5:15 am. 
And then the actual c-section will begin at 7:15 am and the doctor said the boys will be out within a few minutes. The majority of the (less than an hour) surgery takes place after they come out.
I am really happy we have an early slot. I didn't think it'd be quite this early, but you are hearing no complaints from me! I can't eat or drink, even water, from midnight on, so it will be nice to not have to wait without eating for hours and hours. And also, it is less time for my nerves to be jittery. 
It is only about three weeks away! Three weeks!!

The date that they will be born comes with some neat little tidbits of info:
It is the feast day of St. Augustine, which is a big day in Mono's family. Agustin is a very loved name in their family. They celebrate their santos each year on that date, which is their name day.
Mono, his grandfather, his uncle/god father, his cousin.....
It is also Mono's dad's birthday... the boys' grandpa!
What is neat that goes along with that is, I was born on my grandpa's birthday. My Dad was born on his grandpa's birthday, and now the boys' on their grandpa's birthday. Adding on to that it was also my great, great grandfather's birthday. My Nana (Mom's mom) was very, very close to her grandfather, James Aloysius (who was from Wales, England), so it is a very special day to her.
I spoke with her earlier and she was absolutely delighted to hear of the day! My aunt/god mother's birthday is the day before and my Nana and Popa's anniversary is the day after, so there will be lots of celebrating in that week in our family! And thankfully Papi does not mind sharing his birthday with his first grandchildren!!!

So, three more weeks folks! I'll try to keep updating and writing as close to the day as I can, because after that, I have a little feeling my life is going to be slightly on hold, taking care of two babies!
I will try to post here and there though to give you fun updates on our boys! Now that they are in the family, they have the unfortunate pleasure of being blogged about! hehehe.

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  1. Praying for you! The health scare isn't good I understand that fear. My honey has had a blood clot before. But twins! exciting.