Friday, March 2, 2012

Pregnancy Update

March 2nd. 
I am almost at 12 weeks! 

Honestly, the first few weeks of being pregnant and not feeling well, I felt like it was going to be an eternity and I'd never get through feeling so sick all the time. 
But now, after knowing I have been pregnant for almost seven weeks, and have been sick everyday, I can say that I know I will survive this and I am able to handle it... a little bit more gracefully. 

I must admit. I was a bit naive about morning sickness. I thought you got sick in the morning and then the rest of the day was okay. ha! My days are just okay. I can function, but I'm normally home on the couch because I just feel so blah. I don't have it in me to do a lot, even at home. I get my daily duties done, but even those sometimes get behind when I just rest all day. Some days are better than others, and on those good days, I enjoy getting out, getting things done...
My evenings are not so enjoyable. It usually hits right around or after dinnertime. Sometimes though, I am able to last longer and enjoy my night a little bit more.
But then, the vitamins come in.
They are the most dreadful things in the entire world... all three pills.
It has gotten to the point that I can't take those anymore. I went to the store and found the best they had in a one pill form. I found one... a huge horse pill one, but it is still just one.
Vitamins just do not agree with me... and that is all I will say to keep it a bit pleasant.
Yesterday, I couldn't take it. I just knew it wouldn't stay in me.
But then I decided to try taking it first thing this morning after my first breakfast.
And that was an hour ago!
Thank You Lord! 
Hopefully this is the start of things look up for me.
So, enough about that. Let me tell you a few more little things.
About a week ago, I started to develop a slight baby bump.
Here is a picture of the before and after.
The picture on the left was from Aruba. It was the last picture from our trip. I wanted one more picture and Mono wasn't around so I snapped one of myself in my favorite dress.
That is what I still looked like before I got pregnant.
And now, the right side, is me with the bump
(excuse my tired look and messy hair)
So, there's a baby bump beginning.
It's the first time I don't mind my pants being tight.
Actually, I mind them being tight more, but not for the same reasons. Now it is just because it's uncomfortable. When Mami was here, she and Mono took me shopping and they each bought me some clothes and yesterday I found a second pair of pants. 
So I am good to go for now in my comfy pants and shirts!
I wish all clothes were so comfortable to wear!

I have no cravings yet, though I really miss a few things.
I've cut out all caffeine, which means no chocolate milk, no sweet tea, no cafe con leche...
I've heard so many things regarding caffeine and chocolate.
Some people say it is okay to have a little bit of caffeine, some say chocolate is okay.
I'm confused and I miss my chocolate milk.
And my sweet tea.
I'm going to ask my doctor if I can make my own decaff sweet tea and just have it every so often.
We'll see.
But no actual cravings.

I do have real aversions to smells and certain food though.
One strange thing, I cannot smell the dishwasher detergent. 
I rinse and load the dishes, leave the room and then Mono can squirt in the soap and start it for me.
Ugh. It makes me feel awful.

I am getting more headaches again though. I used to get headaches every single day. But then I got pregnant, and I've only had one or two. But now, this is day 4 of having a bad headache. Blah.

I miss running. I think once my morning sickness passes (and hopefully it will and soon!), I might get on the treadmill, and do some nice walking. I need my exercise and I need to get back on the treadmill, even though I can't run.

I also miss wearing nail polish.
People told me my hair might start falling out some. It's not and actually, my hair (when I actually do it and don't just leave the just woke up look all day) is looking pretty good.

We're going to find out what we are having, but that's not for another six weeks or so.
My next appointment and their next picture comes on Monday! I can't wait to see them and how they've grown! Hopefully they're lookin' good for Momma!

We have their cribs already. One is even set up. The other is going to go in our room in the beginning so we didn't want to set that up yet. When things get a little closer.

My really dear friend, who is the babes' fairy godmother, just ran a half marathon in Disney and on her run, she actually stopped when she saw Cinderella's fairy godmother to get a picture of them together. I must say, my babes' fairy godmother is better looking and in much better shape!!

I had thought about training and running a half marathon this coming weekend. I am really glad I didn't get the opportunity to sign up. They filled up too soon.
I would have never been able to train during morning sickness and running that much just wouldn't have been good right now.
But, it is still a huge goal in my life.
I am hoping after the twins are born, and I am allowed to really exercise again, I want to start working my way to being able to run a long distance like that, and maybe, I will be able to sign up for a half. Maybe.

So there you go. My update for the day. As things happen and change, I'll let you know.
Today it is in the forecast for some pretty bad weather. I am sitting on my couch, looking out in the backyard watching the sky get darker, the trees sway harder and I just brace myself for the sirens to go off. 
Please God it doesn't get bad... here or at my parents.

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