Friday, March 16, 2012

For the Love of Running and Friendship

I know I've mentioned my friend Jilly is many posts before. I have also written about her half marathons that she has accomplished. Her last half was in February and she already has three more scheduled! How cool is that?! I'm still hoping that I too can run a half one of these days... after the babes are born of course!

Last year, for her first half, I made her a card and sent it down to her mom's house so she'd get it right before the race. It's now a tradition... I did it again this time. I was nervous because it was during a time that I was really not feeling well and my pregnant brain had little to no creativity running through it. I did it though. I sent her a little package of support.

It all had to be either yellow, Rapunzel or Disney themed this year. She runs in the Disney Princess Half Marathon. Last year she was Ariel. This year was Rapunzel. If I ran in the Princess Half, I'd have to pick Cinderella... She's my favorite.

First, I found these yellow Mickey shaped paint chips at Home Depot (how cool! I wanted to take one of every color just to have!!)... and I took 13 of them. They must have thought I had a really big project with all the yellow chips I needed. She actually ran with them and held them up along the way! I was shocked! I didn't think of that, and never in a million years expected her to hang on to them, much less run thirteen miles with them!
 Then I found a few yellow, Disney, paint chips, not Mickey shaped though (sad face), and wrote little messages on them. 
 Yellow is her favorite color... Can you tell? 
And for her card, I stuck with her theme, Rapunzel, who she was running as.
 I think she even took the long hair off the card and ran with it hanging off her hat! Isn't she the cutest?!
 I love that she has such a passion for running and does something with it!

150. seeing someone's passion and watching them let that grow and be alive
151. having a desire to run a half marathon one day
152. having excuses to love on a friend

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  1. Aw marezy!!!! I love you too!! And thanks for giving me reasons to love on you too!!