Sunday, March 6, 2011

One Quarter of a Century

Twenty -25- Five
In just under two weeks, I will be old. Nah, not really. A quarter of a century does sound a little bit old though, doesn't it? I actually think 25 sounds pretty fun! It certainly helps that I have a few kinda significant events coming up this year. ;) I wasn't thrilled with the early 20's, but I was really excited to turn 24, and I thought it was going to be the best (sounding) age, but I am thinking, there is a chance, that 25 is going to take its place. :) So, I have a little less than two weeks to figure out just how I want to celebrate. What do you think? Cupcakes will definitely be in the plan. Should I decorate? Should I go buy myself balloons? There is just something about balloons that completes a birthday. I'm thinking I should order myself some and buy some fun plates and matching napkins. I can have a color scheme and the cupcakes can go along. Or, do I scratch it all and just go out for dinner? Hmmm... Any ideas? Any ideas for decorations that'd be fun for 25? How do you celebrate your birthday?
Hip-Hip-Hoorayyy for 25! 

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  1. How about celebrating with some steamed Md blue crabs at Captain Leonard's and a visit to Rita's for desert? Then a walk along the beach and some photography of local flora and fauna or maybe a hike in the woods with a black and white retired SAR dog? Miss you!