Monday, March 28, 2011

Dear Mr. Weather,

Last night I had this great idea... to go to bed early.
I had to be up at 6 and I wanted to get enough sleep.
Well, as I was getting ready for bed, it started to rain and you could hear distant rumbles of thunder. 
I'm okay with that. In fact, I like that.
I wrote Mr. Weather a note before falling asleep...
Mr. Weather, I love falling asleep to the sound of rain and rumbles of thunder... as long as it stays that way. I'd rather not be disturbed by the weather sirens going off again in the middle of the night. Thank you very much! Good night! - Mary Anne
I never sleep soundly. Never.
But last night, I must have been in somewhat of a deep sleep because when our whole house shook from the thunder/lightening, around 11:30, I thought it had to be 2 am.
I love that feeling...The feeling of thinking it has to be later, but it is still early so you have a while left to sleep!
As I came out of my sleep, the house kept shaking with each rumble of thunder and strike of lightening. It was pretty intense.
At times, there wasn't even breaks between two strikes.
And... it was hailing! 
The hail was pelting against my window something fierce.
It was only 11:30 and I couldn't sleep so I wrote to Mr. Weather again...
Mr. Weather, So we can get get this straight for next time… I guess I wasn't clear enough when I said the type of weather I was okay with. Waking up to the sound of hail hitting my window and the house shaking with every strike of lightning/thunder… yeah, I'm not okay with that either. That is in the category of being disturbed by weather alarms. All clear now? Great. Thanks. Now I can try to go BACK to sleep. - MA
Let me just tell you. He doesn't listen very well at all.
We had continual spurts of storms all throughout the night.
So now I am super tired.
I hear that we are having more thunderstorms tomorrow night. 
Hopefully not at severe so I can sleep.

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