Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Adventures Of Roxy And Carley...Oh, And ME! (61)

I am super tired tonight, but I definitely had pictures for today. I am just going to write a real quick story of what they are about and then I have to get to bed. I need a good night's rest for a fun day in Nashville tomorrow afternoon.
 Roxy and Carley both come to our house nearly every day, along with the other neighborhood dogs that don't stay at their own homes. Today's visit was different though. Hopefully only a one-of-a-kind one at that!
 Carley is the little black shepherd and Roxy is the older one on the right.

I had been ironing a mountain of clothes in the den and the two dogs were playing in our yard. I didn't think anything of it; as I said, they are there romping around on a daily basis. I had seen Roxy running in circles around our pool for a while. I didn't think anything of that either. And then I saw her start to go in the pool. I certainly did not want the dogs in our pool (they'd drown, like what happened in our pool with someone's cat last week). So I went outside and as soon as I was out there, Rox ran towards me and I heard splashing coming from the deep end. I immediately knew what was going on. I ran right over there to find sweet Carley struggling under water, coming up for air when he could make it. He was drowning in the deep end of our pool! I immediately jumped down into the ledge of the pool (my legs were the only thing under the water at the time). I reached in to grab her and when I got her she was all over me and so was Roxy. You could tell they knew I helped her. I couldn't believe it. What if I had not thought to go out there and check on them? Poor Carley. She either hurt her back legs or they were tired because of all the treading of water, the panic and the freezing cold water. Believe me when I saw it was quite cold!

There's Carl after she got up on the back porch and dried off a bit. I wanted to sit out with her but Roxy was just too hyper for me to be able to do that. She had scratched my arm a bit and I didn't want to deal with a big German Shepherd jumping on me. Being that I was so wet and cold, I had to shower and get warm anyway. I think they had gone home by the time I was out of the shower. I wanted to check up on her though. I was worried about her little legs.

We tried to get in touch with our neighbors and they weren't home so I went back with a note and hopefully they will be more cautious to where they let their little dogs roam. I don't want this to happen again and us not be there.

That was my adventure for the day.

I hope you sleep well tonight, little Carley.

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